This book contains graphic violence and sexual content. It also contains situations which may be triggering to some readers, such as: dub/non con, breathplay/choking, autassassinophilia, kidnapping, profanity, gunplay, and somnophilia.



Never enter the mortuary after midnight.
I thought it was superstition.
How could I have known Dad was cremating corpses for a crime lord?
I should’ve listened. Now, it’s too late.
A cold-blooded monster has me in his sights.
My stalker. My captor. My ruin.
I should hate Ruarc for using me to blackmail my father.
But with every rough touch and wicked promise, I lose myself to his dark seduction.
Soon, there won’t be any of me left.


Don’t get involved.
Good advice, especially for someone dealing in secrets and sins.
I lived by that rule since I took the throne.
Until her.
The undertaker never told me he had a daughter.
One with emerald fire in her eyes and enough soul to share.
I decided Emily was mine from that first moment.
Mine to touch. Mine to mold. Mine to break.
And I plan on keeping her.


Poppy writes steamy contemporary romance with a focus on all things forbidden, dark, and taboo. She likes her main men morally gray and has always had a thing for bad boys who will do anything to win the hearts of the women they love. All her stories end with a hard-won HEA ♡


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